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About Us

In the early 1960's there was no 'specialised' outdoor clothing when Moyse and Brenda Kemp opened their first shop - B&M Camping Supplies in Horsforth, Leeds. They realised that the outdoor clothing on offer was limited in both design and functionality and so in 1968 began to manufacture their own garments under the name of Weather Wise. 


There were no breathable fabrics in those days, only polyurethane coated nylons (in different weights) made by Dunloprufe. There were no 'taped seams' either. All the seams were 'doped' (brushed on) with a Bostik and thinners solution - Health and Safety would have had a field day!!

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Still in the same family, our business focuses on the quality of the garments we manufacture.  We have worked with many different outdoor fabrics including Sympatex, Cyclone, Milair, Pertex, Ventile and Exeat amongst others.


Now based in Dumfries, Scotland, all our garments are still made 'in-house' thereby giving us control in every aspect of the manufacturing process.  Our designs have been tried and tested by outdoor enthusiasts over the years.


With years of experience in the outdoor clothing business, carefully controlled overheads, we can offer very competitive prices along with quality workmanship, specialist materials and a personal made to measure service. Try us!!

Designed with unrivalled quality & comfort in mind...

A lot more goes into all of our products than initially meets the eye.

We love to design & develop fantastic, practical garments, but what you don’t see are the hours, days and sometimes even weeks, spent striving to create ‘the perfect pattern’ in order to achieve ‘the perfect fit'.

As we’re all different shapes & sizes, you could argue that ‘the perfect pattern’ doesn’t actually exist, this won’t ever prevent us from trying though and fortunately all the hard work seems to pay off, just take a look at our feedback!

It’s the attention to detail that set’s us apart…

The devil’s in the detail, as someone once said and it’s not in our nature to take the easy way out when it comes to any of our products.

Each of our styles and materials selected, are meticulously tested & trialed before being approved for production.

Making really great garments isn’t that easy! .…if it was, maybe everyone would be doing it?

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