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Outer fabric

Hydrotec-D has a hydrophilic breathable polyurethane coating.  It keeps out the wind, rain and snow whilst allowing perspiration to escape - which makes it ideal for a broad range of uses.

Hydrotec-D fabric has been produced for more than 15 years and has been adapted and improved over the years while remaining the fabric of choice for high reliability and performance.

Hydrotec-D fabric has been independently tested and conforms to EN343 for resistance to water penetration and breathability.


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Lining fabric


This high quality fabric is highly technical and has the following properties:

Ultra Lightweight

Water Resistant



Quick drying

High Washing Temperature


The microfibre yarns are woven into an ultra-light windproof and water repellent fabric. 

The fine weave construction allows moisture to pass through the thousands of pores making it an ideal fabric to use as an outer fabric on many outdoor activity garments.

Hydrotec-Lite fabric offers great value for money.

The Lakeland Collection

Please note - all the garments in this collection are made to order.  Single orders are usually 5 - 7 working days delivery.  Bulk orders, please ask.