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Ventile®, is densely woven from 100% cotton using the world’s finest long staple fibre.

Ventile® is not coated or laminated yet the combination of the dense weave and the swelling properties of the fibres when wet provide excellent weatherproofing.

It is an entirely natural product that offers a unique level of comfort, look and feel as well as being windproof, highly breathable, very durable and quiet.

The stitch method used within the construction of our Ventile garments ensures full weatherproofing by using a thread that swells on contact with water, thus having the same effect as the Ventile® fabric itself.


Hand crafted Ventile garments at an affordable price.

Please Note: All our garments are made 'in house' which enables

us to offer a 'Made to Measure' service if required.

Please see the 'Bespoke Service' page.

All our Ventile garments are made to order.  Delivery is about 4/5 weeks.

The Hebridean Collection

TOTALLY WEATHERPROOF: From the freezing snows of the Arctic to the hot winds of the Sahara.

WINDPROOF: A totally windproof barrier protecting you from wind-chill.

RAINPROOF: Uniquely spun fibres swell to stop ingress of water.

BALANCED: Warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

HIGHLY BREATHABLE: The most breathable weatherproof fabric available.

COMFORTABLE: As comfortable as wearing a cotton shirt.

QUIET: Rustle free, at one with nature.

EASY CARE: A rugged fabric which doesn't require special care. Won't break down like coated and laminated fabrics after repeated use.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Made from natural products.

RELIABLE: Will not suddenly break down like laminated petro-chemical fabrics.

DURABLE: Long lasting, often improving in performance and drape with age.

Ventile 1.png

Ventile® fabric was championed by explorers such as Edmund Hillary on the first summit of Everest and by Sir Ranulph Fiennes operating in the world's most extreme and hostile environments. The unique characteristics of Ventile® give it major advantages over modern technical fabrics of today and is still used on major Arctic, Antarctic and Himalayan expeditions.

Ventile weaving.png

Due to our heavy work load, we have had to limit the Ventile range of garments that are available.  Please check back on the future to see if we have added any more.  Thank you.

For more information on Ventile fabrics, visit the website - click here



If you have any questions about our products, please

contact us. Thank you.

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