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All our garments are made to order.  Delivery is about 2 weeks.


This high quality 2oz nylon fabric is highly technical and has the following properties:

Ultra Lightweight

Water Resistant



Quick drying

High Washing Temperature



The microfibre nylon yarns are woven into an ultra-light windproof and water repellent fabric. 

The fine weave construction allows moisture to pass through the thousands of pores making it an ideal fabric to use as an outer fabric on many outdoor activity garments.

Microlite fabric offers great value for money.  It is one of the best fabrics available and has been tried and tested for many years.  You won't be disappointed!


Please Note: All our garments are made 'in house' which enables us to offer a 'Made to Measure' service if required.

Please see the 'Bespoke Service' page.

The Dales Collection



If you have any questions about our products, please

contact us. Thank you.

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